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2021: New Year, New Brand

When we started Refined Real Estate in 2019 we had a vision to build a company that would change the way our clients experienced the real estate process. We found that this idea really resonated with our clients who were looking for more than just the traditional buy and sell services. As we enter this year, 2021, we are excited to announce the creation of Refined Home Services, a one stop shop company for Real Estate, Architecture, Design and Construction.

With the addition of design and construction services to our real estate offerings we have improved the way we interact with our clients. Whether it is seamlessly helping clients buy, design and renovate a home or just doing improvements to sell their current home - we strive to provide superior quality in our services.

Refined Home Services will stay dedicated to our clients who are just looking for design services and construction services. These services do not need to be bundled but certainly offer a streamlined experience and saves our client the overhead costs of hiring multiple companies to run their projects.

As we grow the brand, we are also growing our team. This year we will be adding members to our design and construction as well as continuing to build our strong real estate team. Keep an eye on us as we already have a lot of fun projects coming this year. We wish everybody a happy and successful 2021. Check out our new website and feel free to drop us a line!

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