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Whitman Hanson Seller's time to Shine

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

We are working with a group of buyers looking in the Whitman Hanson area for a single family home. We are blown away by how tight the market is - the inventory is SO LOW. I took the time this morning to put together a little chart of what is on the market in these two towns.

A year ago, there were 28 single and multi family properties available. This year we are down to 22 on the same date - However, 10 of those 22 homes aren't even built yet! Those unbuilt homes cut two different ways: 1. They can't be moved into immediately and therefor the person can't sell their existing home keeping inventory down. 2. They come at a high price which isn't reaching out to the first time home buyers looking in the area.

THE RESULT: It is a seller's market! We are seeing modest homes that would sit a normal market, be sold within days of listing. If you are a seller thinking about getting the most out of your home, now is as good as time as any! #1000bucksback #sellershines

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