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Whitman Pays it Forward

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Last month, when the impacts of quarantine started to sink in, we decided to do a Coloring Contest for local kids and companies to have some fun. Winners would be selected to get a small prize but ultimately we were donating money to charity in the winner's names.

After spending some money on Facebooks ads, sharing with local businesses and town Facebook pages to build some excitement - we found nobody was really interested in sharing their best Bob Ross skills. Maybe it was a flaw in the way I put together the program or reached out to local folks but after two extensions we only had one family enter the contest.

The contest concluded on May 1st and we reached out to the only submissions we received to share they won the contest and would be receiving a double prize! We wanted to follow through on our charitable gifts even though we didn't get the enough entries to fill out the prize pool.

Next is where the good stuff happens...

After talking to the family about how I can get them their prize (which was 4 Pizza Kits from Supreme Pizza Whitman) they decided they wanted to pay it forward. They would take their Pizza Kits and add it to the 6 we were planning to purchase if we would share them with healthcare workers. Having immediate family in healthcare really hit home for us and we decided to make it a whole 20 Pizza Kits.

Although in the big picture this gesture seems small - I think this was the exact spirit we were looking to build with the coloring contest which we called "Together We Stand Stronger" If folks keep paying it forward I am sure we can all push through these crazy times and we will be stronger on the other end for it.

Thank you to the anonymous family. Your spirit of giving and community restored my faith and makes me happy that I could contribute in my small way!

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