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You’ve probably heard the horror stories. You’re putting an addition on your house and you hire a reputable contractor. Things start out great, but as the project progresses, things start to deteriorate. The contractor isn’t giving you exactly what you want, and all of a sudden you’re over your budget with change order after change order. At the end of the project, you have your new rooms, but was the process, or the price, worth it?


At Refined Home Services, we have those problems solved. With an in-house architect and dedicated contractors, you will get the design and build experience you are promised, within the agreed-upon budget. You’ll work closely with Mark, our architect, to design your space exactly as you want it, with expert advice and innovative ideas along the way, plus the occasional recommendation from the Director of Sunshine, Scarlett. (She is partial to built-in gumball machines in every kitchen.) Then, the building begins! If problems arise, we take care of them for you. No more worrying about hiccups and heartbreak. We will deliver the project you imagined with less stress and more fun than you ever thought possible!


"Easy to work with and anticipated our needs through out the process.

Got us the best value possible"

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If you are looking to do a remodeling project, like a bathroom or kitchen, then you might not need an architect. But just because you don’t need that service doesn’t mean we aren’t still here to help. If you already have architectural plans drawn that you want to execute on or want to do a home remodel that doesn’t require architectural design, the Refined Home Services construction team is here to help. Relying on our combined experience of 15 years in the construction industry, we can help you achieve your remodel with our signature support and care throughout the process.

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