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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Refined Home Services is here to help. We don’t just love real estate, we love helping people. Redefining U by Refined Home Services is a business consulting and coaching program tailored to your needs. We’re not just the run-of-the-mill coaching company that feeds you a bunch of cliches. We focus on you and your limitless potential, prioritizing leadership development, efficient decision making, and creative problem-solving to take you and your organization to new heights. 


Owner and coach Brittany Cavallo has been in sales for 13 years and has experienced first-hand the struggles of the modern sales world. You’re trying to build a business, support and grow a family, and be your best self - that’s not easy, and that’s where Redefining U comes in! We’ll teach you how to balance it all while being the best, most successful version of yourself.

Not sure if professional coaching is right for you? Then sign up for one of our complimentary sessions to find out more.


One-on-one coaching and consulting

Team consulting

Executive coaching

Business plan development

Real estate coaching

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